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Inspired by the Reef.

MANG is partnering with Coral Restoration Foundation™ to give back to their coral reef restoration efforts and planting one mangrove for every product sold from our limited edition octamang collection.

When you buy this product you are planting a mangrove through our Buy One. Plant One. Initiative.

Why mangroves?

  1. Act as a buffer between land and sea protecting the land against storm surges, boat wakes, and natural disasters.
  2. Hold sediment in place, preventing soil erosion and creating cleaner waterways.
  3. Provide habitat for all fish, crustaceans, and bird species.
  4. #1 carbon sequestration tree in the world, locking down and providing carbon to our nearshore and offshore environments.
  5. Provide nutrients through falling of leaves & branches, also known as detritus. This is the start of the food web in our oceans.

Mangroves are a keystone species. Without mangroves, our coastal environments would suffer.


Slim Fit - most women order a size up
50 UPF Ultraviolet Sun Protection
Moisture Wicking
Odor Resistant
Silky Smooth Feel & Breathable Flow
100% Polyester

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