Kiteboarding - Parts & Accessories
Overhead Surf Cap-Safe Retainer Lanyard
Ever had to fish your hat out of the river or lake? Never again with the Overhead Surf Cap-Safe Reta..
PKS High Visibility Pro-line Extensions 3m (set of 4 -standard)
set of 4 3mStandard 4 line, even..
PKS Premium Pump Hose for Kite/SUP Pumps w/Attachments
With only a few exceptions, the PKS HD Premium Pump Hose will fit most any Kite/SUP pump out there (..
PKS Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail Set
The new PKS Universal Pigtail V2 is the latest and great pigtail for a universal connection between ..
PKS Valve Pump Adapter- Adjustable H3 SUP/Flysurfer
The Adjustable H3 SUP Pump Adapter is compatible with a variety of stand up paddleboards and flysurf..
PKS Valve Pump Adapter- Big Boston
This big Boston valve (screw valve) pump adapter/nozzle fits on any standard kite pump hose. It work..
PKS Valve Pump Adapter- Liquid Force Max Flow
The Liquid Force Valve Pump Adapter/Nozzle is compatible with 2011 and newer Liquid Force kites with..
PKS Valve Pump Adapter- Multi
The North, Core, and Cabrinha Airlock 2 Pump Adapter/Nozzle is compatible with Core kites, 2013 and ..
PKS Valve Pump Adapter- Threaded Big Boston
This threaded big Boston valve (screw valve) pump adapter/nozzle fits on any standard kite pump hose..
Pocket Kite
Colors may vary!..
Progression Beginner Kiteboarder Instructional DVD
2nd edition DVD covres everything to assist you through your first lesson and make the learning curv..
Ride Engine Pali Vest
With a tailored pattern, the female-specific Pali Impact Vest is optimized to perfectly fit the curv..
Ride Engine Recoil Leash 8'
Security and connection while riding your board are things that you shouldn’t have to worry about. T..
Ride Engine Recoil Waist Leash 8'
Ideal for when the least amount of drag or obstruction is needed, the RE-Recoil Waist Leash stays ou..
Slingshot All Day Board Bag
Fully padded, coffin style travel bag with multiple pockets, hidden backpack straps and storage for ..
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