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Airtime 11mm Dump Valve
This valve is perfect for replacing your 11mm dump valve on your kites...
Airtime 9mm Inflation Valve
The original 9mm inflation valve...
Airtime Airush OEM Connector Valve 2nd Gen
This valve is good for all Airush kites 2014 and on...
Airtime Cabrinha Airlock Valve 2nd Gen
New and improved inflation valve from Cabrinha that connects straight to the pump. Can be used with ..
Airtime Cabrinha Airlock Valve Gen 1
The original screw valve used by several brands but made famous by Cabrinha (AIRLOCK valve). This va..
Airtime Hose Kit
Need to replace our one-pump hoses? This kit includes 5 hoses, 5 clips and zip ties...
Airtime Liquid Force MaxFlow connector (1st Gen)
The Liquid Force MaxFlow connector valve is designed for replacing faulty connector valves on kites ..
Airtime Replacement Cabrinha Strut Valve
If you have a slow leak in your Cabrinha kite, first thing to check is your kite valves. Heat and hu..
Airtime Replacement Epic/Blade Valve
OEM Blade valve for perfect fit. The Blade valve was designed by Blade for their onepump style kites..
Airtime Replacement Ocean Rodeo Valve
Airtime Ocean Rodeo Replacement OEM Valve. 4" peel and stick for easy and quick repairs with a ridge..
Airtime Replacement Ozone Valve
Airtime Replacement Ozone Valve..
Airtime Replacement Slingshot OnePump Valve
Replaces stock Slingshot one-pump valves onto stock Slingshot bladders. Fits all models, RPM, Fuel,..
Airtime Replacement Valve Trap
Re-seal your stock valve instead of having to buy an aftermarket valve for your kitesurfing kite. Wo..
Cabrinha Airlock Assembly for Inflation Valve
We get it. Its easy to loose this lil' guy. Don't worry, we've got you covered!..
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